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Featured Artist Kathryn Gauthier

Featured Photographer – Marc Hauser

Marc Hauser Photographer

Marc Hauser is a legend when it comes to photography. He shot for the Rolling Stone magazine, Pepsi, Playboy and a bunch of others that you have most probably seen (even if not recognized as his). So when Marc gives advice about style, it is a good idea to listen.

Not surprisingly his advice has nothing to do with gear or lighting or any tech at all. It is purely about passion. Director Chris Cascarano had a 82 seconds feature with Marc in which he shares his ideals: Don’t be afraid of your ideas…. …. If you can’t do it right, do it big!

More about Marc Hauser at DIY Photography



Featured Theater – Black Ensemble Theater


Jimi Hendrix    Elvis    John Lennon    Michael Jackson    Einstein Questioning Tomorrow    Elizabeth Taylor    Blondie    Marilyn Monroe           Betty Davis           Elvis    John Wayne
Jimi Hendrix
Original Painting